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Here's a First Look at the Tales from the Rift Halloween Skins

Are you ready for a spook-tacular time at the Summoner's Rift?

These Tales from the Rift skins are just in time for Halloween!

Bewitching Janna Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

The trick

Riot has just confirmed a new set of skins coming our way for the Halloween (or should we say Harrowing?) season. Three gorgeous skins will be available soon as part of the Tales from the Rift skin collection.

Ekko, Janna, and Kled are your perfect companions for a frightening experience in League of Legends.


The trick? There will be a set of spooky special loading screens just for the event!

The treat

New visuals are always a nice treat for League of Legends skin collectors. For the 31st of October, three of our favorite champions get to dress up in different costumes.

The treat? New splash arts have been revealed.

Trick Or Treat Ekko Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

Past Halloween skins are involved in these new Tales from the Rift collectibles. In Bewitching Janna, we can see Lux, Nidalee, and Tristana. The squad is complete in one frame!

In the Count Kledula skin, Janna can be seen hovering the skies from afar. Could she be supporting Kled from this distance?

In his Trick or Treat skin, we can see Ekko taking advantage of his ability to control time as he fills his pumpkin with candies of all sorts. Candy corn is a must!

Count Kledula will be the first Kled skin since his debut back in 2016 with the Sir Kled skin.

These three skins are now available on the PBE for you to try out.

Count Kledula Photo taken from surrenderat20.net

Riot Games's Senior QA on skins Katey Khaos (@KateyAnthony) revealed that each of these skins cost 1350 RP.

Which one will you be getting as a treat? Let us know and may you have a spook-tacular Halloween at the Rift!

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