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Team Liquid Fails to Qualify for Worlds 2018; Doublelift Greatly Devastated

The fate of Team Liquid for Worlds 2018 has been decided, and it's not something TL players should be happy about.

Once again, Worlds 2018 group stage has ended some hopes and dreams.

Quarterfinals season has started today, and out in the fire were the four teams in Group C. Team Liquid, KT Rolster, MAD Team, and Edward Gaming heated up the Rift to determine which two teams will advance to the Quarterfinals. The losing teams end their Worlds journey at this point.

The first match of the day proved to be in favor of Korean team KT Rolster against Team Liquid. They were the first ones to secure a spot in the quarterfinals.

Photo taken from @lolesports Twitter account

Edward Gaming was also on a roll, as they've consecutively won their first two matches, getting in on the Worlds 2018 quarterfinals.

Photo taken from Edward Gaming's Twitter account (EDG_Edward)

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Final standings for KT Rolster and Edward Gaming are 5-1 and 4-2 respectively.

Team Liquid and MAD Team's Worlds 2018 journey ends here.

It wasn't a great day for Group C teams TL and MAD as they get eliminated from the group stage.

MAD Team failed to win a match, resulting in a 0-6 for their final standing.

Team Liquid's AD Carry Doublelift (Yiliang Peng) already knew the grave impact of their match result against KT Rolster.

"It's like life or death. If we lose that game vs. KT, it might be over for us right there."

Photo taken from Doublelift's Twitter account (@TLDoublelift)

After losing in their first match, Team Liquid bounced back and kept their hopes up as they defeated MAD Team in their second match. However, Liquid's victory got cut short as Edward Gaming takes the remaining spot for the quarterfinals.

Photo taken from Doublelift's Twitter account (@TLDoublelift)

"We haven't played at the level that I think we should be. I feel like we haven't even played half as well."

Doublelift feels bad and unsatisfied with how their team played, but this young Chinese player knows more than to just surrender.

"It has been eight years, and I can't do this thing, but I am NEVER going to give up."

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