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Team Secret and VP make it to top 3 at the Kuala Lumpur Major

Team Secret have powered through to the upper brackets finals along with VP, TNC out of the Kuala Lumpur Major

The Kuala Lumpur Major has two of their top 3 teams and the lower bracket match ups now look very promising. Here is the recap for what went down in the fight to reach the top 3:

Upper Bracket

Secret vs PSG.LGD

The first match saw an unlikely Bristleback pick from Team Secret and a Leshrac pick from PSG.LGD. The laning stage was pretty close, with the gold difference being about 1k in favor of PSG.LGD. The Chinese started to take control of the game, but the tables have turned at the 35 minute mark after Nisha got the BKB on his Arc Warden. After killing off four heroes from PSG.LGD at the 35 minute mark, it was clear that Team Secret now had control of the game. Secret won the match 24-17.

In the second match, PSG.LGD let Team Secret again pick Arc Warden for Nisha. Even though PSG.LGD had a gold lead in the laning phase, early kills on their core heroes gave Team Secret an edge, which translated into more kills and ultimately an easy victory for Secret. Secret won the match 43-18, winning the series.

Virtus.Pro vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

Virtus.Pro aren't afraid to experiment, and they showed that with the support Sven pick on Rodjer in game 1. NiP went for a Drow strat with Windranger, Drow and Razor. VP took down objectives quite early in the game. At the 30 minute mark, the Drow strat did prove strong for NiP as they won the teamfight while defending the highground. But a pickoff on Ace's Drow with no buybacks enabled VP to take the objectives and the megacreeps. Their early objective push had paid off since by then NiP had no tier 2 towers and had also lost a barrack in the top lane.

The second match saw NiP with Drow on Ace again. But Ace was matched with 9pasha's Axe in the lane which proved hard for him. By the end of the 27 minute match, Ace had only 390 GPM on the Drow whereas Ramzes' slark had 549 GPm. Needless to say, VP won the match.

Lower Bracket

NiP vs TNC Predator

The loss to VP pushed NiP to the lower bracket, and now they had to face TNC who were going strong in the tournament. The show in the first match was completely stolen by Mind_Control's Axe. He gave TNC's Spectre a really hard time, which led it to being underfarmed. By the end, Axe had become unstoppable with 14 kills and just 1 death. NiP stomped the game with a final score of 31-8.

Seeing Mind_Control's formidable performance on Axe, TNC banned him in the second game. But the game still turned out to be a total stomp, with TNC starting to lose right from the bounty rune skirmish, Kuku had an especially hard time, getting no kills and dying 10 times. NiP won 34-8, eliminating TNC.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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