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Teams compete for KL Major slots, main qualifier to start soon

Teams scramble for the last qualifier slots in the Kuala Lumpur Major as they compete in the chaotic knockout regional open qualifier. The main qualifier is starting immediately after.

Let's take a look at which squads were able to get the final slots in their respective regional qualifier. If you miss our recap of the first qualifier, you can find it here.

With the post-TI break now in the rear-view mirror, the new teams have to find their groove as this is the final open qualifier for the KL Major's regionals. It is now-or-never, and the single-elimination nature of the tournament made it more tense for everyone.

These are the teams that will compete in the main regional qualifier before the open qualifier started:



The SEA qualifier took an interesting turn, as Sterling Global Dragons (Tino, Nasjo, Luciano, Shanks, Jauneul) and Team Admiral (MightySavior, Ab1ng, Bokerino, boombacs, keithmendoza) took the final two slots in undefeated runs. Both are not relatively known organizations in the region, but the two teams have failed to break into the top eight on the first regional qualifiers.

Interestingly, that correlation does not only apply to them but to all the teams in the top 8 - all of them failed to make the quarterfinals in the first qualifier. The teams were diverse, with rosters coming from Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


One of the favorites in this qualifier called Just a team ye, a team with Jeyo, USH, and Reisen, fell short to Black Sheep (Boris, iAnnihilate, monkeys, Bloody Nine, old Yoda) in the semifinals. The latter barely made it out of the quarterfinals after escaping a 2-1 win against TeamTaem, a team who made top eight twice.

A surprising team took the other qualifier slot though, as all-Mexican Team Xolotl (Ifrit, Esk, Jano, pika2, Hector) went undefeated in this qualifier to join the big NA teams in the regional qualifier.


NaVi (Crystallize, MagicaL, Blizzy, Chuvash, Sonneiko) is back! Despite losing Dendi, the known Ukrainian organization made it out of the open qualifiers as they knocked Empire out. The latter also fell short in this first qualifier.

The other team advancing from the CIS region is Russian team ferzee (Daxak, Afoninje, AfterLife, KingR, KaHT), who had their own convincing undefeated run in the qualifier.


Revenge was the story in the EU qualifier, as two teams who reached the top eight in qualifier 1 but were consequently eliminated were the two teams who stood atop qualifier 2.

Swedish stack The Final Tribe (Frost, Chessie, jonassomfan, handsken, Era) and EU mix MangoBay (Fey, garter, bone7, Qupe, Flash) made it to the next round. Teams Burden United, MoriartyRO, and Unchained Esports are three teams who made it to the quarterfinals both times but fell short.


Like yesterday, the China qualifier is still stacked with known players and organizations. But eventually, the two that ended up on top were DeathBringer Gaming (Ms, Freeze, Guvara, Hym, LaNm) and EHOME (Sea mew, ASD, Faith_bian, 天命, y').

Other known Chinese teams who missed the cut were Invictus Gaming, Keen Gaming, and Ferrari_430's Mr Game Boy.


With most of the known SA teams already waiting in the main qualifier, the open qualifier 2 became a battlefield of everyone else. Coming up on top is Brazilan team WP Gaming (Rayuur, Sooths, Arms, Cys, C4t) and Peruvian team Thunder Predator (Jeimari, Atun, Sword, Scofield, Prada).

The Kuala Lumpur Major is a US$1M tournament which will be held in the Axiata Arena in Malaysia this coming November. 15,000 Pro Circuit Points are up for grabs, and many of the top teams are expected to have a LAN debut of their roster here.

It is the first Major this DPC season. With the teams of the main qualifiers now complete, it will only take the next few days to determine the majority of the teams in the coming Major. The Minor qualifier is expected to be announced after the regionals.

No team is directly invited into the KL Major, with 15 of its 16 slots being awarded to the top performers of the regional qualifiers. The last slot is given to the winner of the still unannounced Minor happening a shortly before this event. The breakdown will be like this:


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