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TNC have taken action against Kuku

The action comes a day after reports of Kuku and Skem being banned at the ChongQing Major surfaced.

The racism controversy regarding Kuku and Skem took a bigger turn yesterday. Team Secret's Director, Cyborgmatt confirmed that the rumors regarding Skem and Kuku being banned from ChongQing Major were true, and also said that the organizers as well as the local government were involved in the decision. The same was said by KBBQ as well, but CoL's General Manager, Kyle Bautista denied any of this being true. This led to a further response by Cyborgmatt.

Among all of this, TNC remained silent. They had released no official statement and no one from their team had said anything about the rumors. But today, TNC released an official statement on their Facebook page detailing how they plan to make up for the Kuku's misconduct. They said that 50% of his earnings will be donated from the prize money he earns. And if they don't qualify, he will be streaming/casting matches and all of the money from the stream will be donated.

"It is our best interest to educate our players to own up on their mistakes, take full responsibility and correct their wrong actions. To clarify the term "penalty/fine" we posted last time, 50% of Kuku's winnings from KL Major, Chongqing Major (if we qualify) or Bucharest Minor (if we qualify) will be donated. If we won't qualify, Kuku will be streaming/covering the Chongqing Major LAN Event and all the earnings of his stream will be donated as well.
As for the beneficiary, we are committed in giving assistance to the Chinese community. We will be asking help from some Chinese people whom we know to help us find the right person/group to help. We will keep everyone updated.
This is our commitment in teaching Kuku the lesson of his actions and turn his mistake to something meaningful and have a positive effect in the society."
-TNC Management

Earlier, a Weibo account in Kuku's name tried to cover up his misconduct. It was later revealed by TNC's manager that it was not Kuku, but he himself who had done it and apologized for it.


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