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TNC Predator, Kuku not banned from ChongQing Major.. BUT..

TNC has just put all the rumors to rest by coming out with an official statement: No, they are not banned from the ChongQing Major BUT... they may as well be.

Earlier today, TNC released a statement regarding the fate of Kuku and the rest of the team in the upcoming ChongQing Major tournament happening in China. Amidst talks of being blacklisted and controversy, the Philippine team chose to continue their run in the Major's SEA Qualifiers and was able to secure the region's second slot.

On the upside, the organizers assured them that they can still participate in the tournament. However, it does come with its own setbacks.

He (Kuku) might not be able to enter the country.
The city government will possibly cancel the tournament should he attend
The organizers will not be able to guarantee his safety should he attend

In other words, it means that while Kuku is not banned from the Major, the pressure is on for them to just opt out of their own accord — for various reasons, including threats to his safety.

Some fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment.

Community members are calling the whole thing an exaggeration. Kuku has publicly apologized, received backlash many times over, and was even penalized by his own team. But the Chinese government might not feel it's enough.


Twitter user Carlo Lopez pointed out that while Kuku was not the first to let out a racist remark, others have not received a heavier consequence. However, when a local government intervenes in a tournament, it could potentially throw off the integrity of the Dota 2 professional scene.

Last time the government attempted to get involved, Valve stepped in and stripped a tournament off its Major designation. While it was not unanimously a welcome move then, it looks like current times are calling for the same solution.


Even notable personalities have spoken and have taken a stand.

Casters GrandGrant, Godz and even AdmiralBulldog have publicly voiced out against the blacklist. Taking to Twitter, they announced their choice not to cast or even participate in the tournament and even called for Valve to take action.

Veteran Redeye, although initially reluctant, chimed in as well.

To date, Valve has not issued a formal response. However, any move by them will set a precedent for future events. Actions should be taken with extreme caution, the whole world is watching.

Filipino Dota 2 host Eri Neeman could not have said it better.

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