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TNC Predator Emerge Victorious in WESG PH Qualifier Finals (ESGS 2018)

One of the highlights of the first day of the Esports and Gaming Summit 2018 was the WESG match between Neon Esports and TNC Predator for DOTA 2.

The tournament started a few minutes after the WESG Hearthstone Women’s Qualifier finals, where TNC pro player Cara Rechelyn Sy Vergel De Dios (known to many as Cara Cute) became the champion.

At around one in the afternoon, everyone was setting up for the much-awaited TNC vs Neon Esports match. The WESG best-of-three tournament is set for the main stage attraction of ESGS this year.

TNC Predator is composed of Gabbi, Armel, Kuku, Tims, and ninjaboogie as opposed to Neon Esports’s Skadilicious, Marc, Rapy, PlayHard, and flysolo.

For their first pick, TNC locked in heroes Rubick, Crystal Maiden, Tiny, Templar Assassin, and Monkey King. On the other hand, Earthshaker, Nightstalker, Broodmother, Dragon Knight, and Winter Wyvern were the heroes for Neon Esports.

TNC vs Neon

Watch WESG S.E.A. Philippine Qualifiers 2018: [Dota 2] - Finals - Neon Esports VS TNC Predator from wesg_sea_01 on www.twitch.tv

Game 1
Spiders cleared! Despite Neon’s tanky picks, the Predators managed to take the lead 1-0.

Watch WESG S.E.A. Philippines Qualifiers 2018: [Dota 2] - Finals - Neon Esports VS TNC Predator from wesg_sea_01 on www.twitch.tv

Game 2
TNC opted for Earthshaker, Mirana, Phoenix, Monkey King, and Pugna for the second round as oppose to Neon Esports who settled on Troll Warlord, Centaur, Invoker, Winter Wyvern, and Undying .
Gabbi’s Monkey King closed out the series with a clean sweep of 2-0.

The TNC Predators is now the Philippine representatives for the WESG 2018 Southeast Asia Finals. A replay of the match can be found on WESG SEA’s Twitch account here.

A few weeks ago, TNC Predator made an announcement about their withdrawal from ESL One Hamburg over at the Barclaycard Arena in Germany.

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This is due to a schedule conflict with the WESG Philippine Finals, which the Predators are also participants.

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