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Reshuffle? TNC’s social media updates puzzle fans

Longtime fans of TNC Predator are puzzled about the team’s latest update on their social media pages.

Yesterday, the Filipino organization replaced their profile photos across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with a dark and somewhat broken version of their ‘Phoenix’ logo. They also replaced their traditional cover photo with a cover video that is basically a degraded version of the former with additional flame and crack effects that resembles a volcanic and barren landscape.

Drama brewing?

This update comes along with the recent upsets that TNC have suffered. At first, fans were ecstatic for the return of Carlo “Kuku” Palad after going inactive for a couple of months primarily due to the racism issue that enraged Chinese Dota 2 fans. The issue eventually resulted to his ban at the Chongqing Major where the organization played with Ryo “ryOyr” Hasegawa as a sub.

However, the hype of Kuku’s return immediately went sour as they fell flat at the DreamLeague Season 11 Major SEA Qualifiers, finishing at the bottom of the playoffs after being knocked out by Warriors Gaming.Unity. Just a couple of days after this meltdown, they announced that their captain Michael “ninjaboogie” Ross will no longer be a part of their organization. They also announced that they would be playing at the open qualifiers of the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor to take another shot at a Major ticket.

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Geplaatst door TNC Pro Team - Dota2 op Dinsdag 5 februari 2019

Tapping former player and coach Nico "eyyou" Barcelon as a sub, TNC went on to the open qualifiers anticipated by fans as an instant shoo-in. But the series of upsets continued for them as they were beaten at the quarterfinals by Team Admiral much to the shock of the community.

A day after their fallout at the open qualifiers, the social media pages were updated with the theme.

Local TNC fans are quick to point out that TNC’s lesser known CounterStrike: Global Offensive and League of Legends team pages are also updated at the same time with the similar theme. Both teams are known as the leading squads in the local scene but they haven’t participated much in top tier events overseas. This lead fans to speculate that radical changes might come to the organization, including a possible reshuffle or disbandment.

Despite all the drama, there are parties pointing out the ‘theme’ that TNC usually plays with – a phoenix, which is primarily characterized by its ability to rebirth or rise once more.

Redditor u/LastManSleeping emphasized that a disband is highly unlikely, noting that teams won’t post a teaser for such. The other possible answer for TNC’s motive is an introduction of new players or a reshuffle.

Fans are more than eager to know what the country's top esports organization is brewing up and without any insider knowledge, we can only wait for further announcements.