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IN PHOTOS: Top K/DA Cosplays Around the World

"Right now  it's K/DA, uh!"

K/DA has been brought to life.

We're sharing with you the top K/DA cosplays we've found on the internet. Looking for cosplay inspiration, or just want to see your favorite pop stars be brought to life? Look no further, because we made this list just for you!


Photo taken from HaneAme's Instagram account (@haneame_cos)

Taiwanese cosplayer HaneAme looks like a real-life K/DA Ahri in these cosplay photos. She tells on her Instagram account how difficult it is to make the tails.

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Photo taken from HaneAme's Instagram account (@haneame_cos)


Photo taken from Tasha's Twitter account (@spcatsTASHA)

Popular Korean cosplay team SpiralCats have been officially invited by Riot Games to cosplay for the League of Legends World Championship 2018 opening. SpiralCats leader Tasha cosplayed K/DA Akali, while SpiralCats Doremi cosplayed K/DA Ahri on the day of the event.

Photo taken from Tasha's Twitter account (@spcatsTASHA)

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Geplaatst door Spiral Cats Team op Maandag 5 november 2018


Look at our favorite Vietnamese cosplayer go!

Photo taken from RinnieRiot's Twitter account (@OfficialRinnieR)

Here RinnieRiot cosplays K/DA Ahri, where she also made the costume and the tails. Sweet!

Photo taken from RinnieRiot's Twitter account (@OfficialRinnieR)


Argentinian cosplayer Danu seriously has some cool cosplay goals with her squad.

Photo taken from Danu's Facebook page (facebook.com/pg/DanuCosplay/)

Aside from her solo K/DA Akali cosplay, you should also check out the K/DA cosplay group she's been a part of, together with Glory Lamothe, Valentina Kryp, and Peyton Riley!

Photo taken from Photographes Sans Frontieres Facebook page (facebook.com/WeArePSF/)


If there's going to be a spitting image of K/DA Kai'Sa in real life, it's going to be this selfie of League of Legends Twitch partner Ehri!

Photo taken from Ehri's Twitter account (@sorcehri)

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