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This Compilation of Quotes From True Sight 2018 Will Inspire You

Have you watched True Sight 2018 yet?

If you haven't yet, we're highly recommending it!

True Sight is more than just a documentary.

The annual documentary series by Valve tells more than just the behind-the-scenes of the DOTA 2 championship tournament – it presents a tale, where all of us gamers can pick up a lesson or two.

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Mogul has compiled inspirational and funny quotes and conversations from the recently-released True Sight - TI8 documentary video.

"Dota is a sick mental game. It brings out the best and the worst in you. It comes down to half a second where you just can't predict what's gonna happen. You try to look at everything as pieces and pawns. You try to look at it as simply the game. Who ended up winning the mental warfare always won the series, that's how you're gonna win tournaments, that's how you win the tournament. If you break the other mind it gets really easy. Some minds are really hard to beat though." -N0tail
"When you go into these best of five grand finals you know there's multiple, you have multiple attempts at trying something so if you have this crazy strategy or this really strange idea..." -Troels Lyngholt "syndereN" Nielsen
"Yeah awesome, they're f***ed." -Ceb

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"I just wanna say, like honestly, it's gonna be f***ing very hard day potentially five games like the game three yesterday. I'm ready to lose, I'm ready to win, I'm ready for anything. I'm ready to get smashed 3-0. If they f***ing start smashing us we smash back, you know we give it our best." -Ceb

QQQ: Let's mute them.

Somnus M: I will mute them once we're in game.

Fy: Block the user.

Fy: Wait, what if they call GG and we miss it?

"We already won everything we have to win here, so let's just have fun." -Ceb

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“Bye b**ch.” -Ceb
“I think we just go, f***ing go for it, f***ing go.” –Jerax
“Oppa oppa boys. Get f***ing f***ed.” –Ceb
“We haven’t achieved anything yet. They’re gonna fight til the end, they’re not gonna give us anything. They don’t give a sh*t, these guys are f***ing warriors. They’re strong, we’re also strong. We don’t give them sh*t today.” –Ceb
“If our draft makes sense then we can win.” –Somnus M
“I feel, yeah, I feel bad for them. Whatever, I don’t feel bad for them, f*** ‘em.” –Ceb
“This game is very, very nice boys.” –Ceb

Somnus M: I’m getting into my death gaze mode.

QQQ: You didn’t do it last game?

Somnus M: I… gazed a little bit.

“Back against the wall, we knew we were gonna get tested, we are getting tested for sure. This is a rough situation to be in, of course but we’re gonna overcome it together, you know. It’s been too easy so far. You don’t get it like this, we saw that coming, we were ready for hard games, we were ready for hard series. Welcome, this is a hard series. We know we are one game away it doesn’t matter we’re gonna go in, have fun, win the next one, and win the one after, it’s what’s gonna happen. We’re getting tested, embrace it.” –Ceb
“We know what they wanna do, and all we have to do is do what we wanna do, that’s it.” –N0tail

Ceb: Whatever you feel like playing honestly.

Topson: I really like Invoker, he’s really good here and

Ceb: You said you really like Invoker?

Topson: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ceb: Give the boy Invoker.

“F***ing hell, they dare to pick Axe in front of the Tusk king?” –Fy

Ceb: I’m gonna get, it’s really bad for them if they lose, believe me.

Jerax: All trust in you, man.

Ceb: Yep.

Jerax: Easy.

Ceb: This is my game, boys.

“Putain!” –N0tail and Ceb
“I mean I don’t  even know what the fucks going on, I can’t even see my hero.” –Ana

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Geplaatst door Mogul News op Woensdag 16 januari 2019
“Is it worth if I just YOLO here?” –Ana
“When we’re all up, and they’re all up we just take a slow fight, just a slow fight in their base, it’s all we need. Or kill them.” –N0tail
“Dude, I love this game so much, man!” –N0tail
“Ceb you carried so hard, holy sh*t!” –Topson
“On est sur les nerfs.”  –N0tail and Ceb
“Take a moment, enjoy. This is the game of our lives man, enjoy.” -Ceb
“Game five, grand finals of TI, this is like, everything is gonna come together next game, everything. And it’s gonna be beautiful.” –Ceb
“I want to play, I want to play, play, play, play Dota." -Ceb

N0tail: You guys realize I hit 15,000 hours of Dota during this finals.

Ceb: And what a way to hit it.

N0tail: 15,000 hours, whatever they have I have more than them.

"Don't think about the past. Just play as we usually do and they can't match us. -QQQ
“Lose together, win together, slay together, slay together, slay together. Now we just do it, alright?” –Ceb
"No matter what it is, we're gonna destroy them with it." -Ceb
"Guys win or lose, we don't care we play." -Ceb
I strongly believe that if I woke up in the morning and I had to play the TI final I would play the best Dota of my life and that's all that would matter to me. If I played my very best nothing else would matter." -N0tail at The Manila Major 2016

As bearers of the ultimate symbol of victory, these names shall forever be inscribed upon the Aegis of Champions:

Anathan “ana” Pham

Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen

Sébastien “Ceb” Debs

Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein


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