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True Sight Review: It's as intense as the TI8 Grand Final itself

If you have not watched True Sight yet, what are you even doing?

After The International, True Sight is probably one of the most anticipated things in the Dota 2 community every year. For those not aware, True Sight is a documentary series, which is released after the Dota 2 International every year. It shows behind the scenes aspect of TI Grand Finals; how the teams deal with immense pressure of performing on esports’ biggest stage.

This year’s True Sight was deemed to be exciting. TI8 Grand Finals were arguably the best in the history of Dota 2, with the series spanning whole five matches and neither of the teams willing to give up. True Sight captures all of this perfectly. The documentary captures the intensity of the series and the nervousness of the teams.

It also showed the difference in how the teams were dealing with the stress. Ceb and N0tail took the centerpiece in the documentary, staying calm and composed throughout and giving the team much needed motivation and pep talks.

But the real magic takes place after the series is over, where the documentary perfectly captures the emotional aspect of the win. On one side, OG was elated after the win, hugging and crying tears of joy. We could see N0tail’s catharsis after being the captain and the leader his team needed him to be. On the other side, PSG.LGD was highly dismayed with the victory slipping through their fingers. The despair showed on their faces as they sat in their chairs while fireworks celebrating OG’s victory blew off in the background.

All in all, it was a roller coaster of emotions that True Sight so perfectly managed to display. The production team was brilliant with the editing and the cinematic team fights. The sound effects were amazing as well, and the editing was top notch.

Thanks to them, we also got a lot of memes and memorable moments:

Three types of casters (source: u/xLiLKenny
Source: u/MrOrianthi


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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