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V1lat says Team Liquid Dota 2 players are not under contract, manager debunks rumor

V1lat claimed that Team Liquid team members had “gone on a strike”.

After TI8, Team Liquid has not really been in the best form. They failed to even qualify for the Kuala Lumpur Majors, and they won’t be attending Dream League Season 10, which is the first Minor of the 2018-19 Dota 2 circuit.

They cited health related reasons as not being able to attend the tournament.

But as is customary, this also fueled the rumours about liquid’s future. Today, on the Dota 2 subreddit, a user took enough time and pain to translate a part of Maincast’s MainShow where renowned Russian Dota 2 commentator V1lat cited possible reasons as to why Team Liquid would not be attending the tournament.

He said that through separate, independent and trusted sources, he came to know that the contracts of Team Liquid’s players had expired, and Liquid was looking to sign other independent teams. He also said the players had been on strike. The subreddit has since been removed and categorized as debunked.

“I wouldn’t state that as fact, but a couple of separate, independent sources I tend to trust told me the same thing: Liquid players’ contracts expired after TI8. Meaning Kuro, Matumbaman, Mind_Control etc, currently, don’t have contracts with the Liquid organization. They’ve been talking about re-signing for a long time, but before the Major qualifiers, the organization also held negotiations with other squads. Notably, some of the org-less teams (that later signed with different orgs) received actual contract offers – I won’t say who, but you could probably figure it out.
They didn’t manage to sign anyone – that’s evident. After that, they probably switched their resources to re-signing the existing players. Considering how weird this entire situation is – notably, the entire team missing the Minor because of health concerns of one player, even though stand-ins are permitted by Valve – I have a feeling that the players, still not under contract, went on strike. Well, maybe not literally, but they’re showing to the organization: if you don’t agree to our demands, we simply won’t attend any tournaments.”

In response to this, Mohamed Morad, the manager of Team Liquid tweeted that what V1lat said was not true.

Many fans on Twitter demanded the whole truth, since they believed that his response was a bit vague.  

Team Liquid has no competitive appearances on schedule right now, and didn’t participate in the ESL One Hamburg 2018 regional qualifiers either. To date, none of the players have commented on the contract issue.

MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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