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Top 10 plot twists: Valve bans Kuku from ChongQing Major

The announcement came days after the community has been relentlessly urging for Valve to step in.

After TNC's statement regarding alleged threats and a possible ban from entering China, renowned casters as well as Dota 2 talents took to Twitter to announce that they would not be attending the Chongqing Major in solidarity with Kuku.

More importantly, they were protesting the local government’s involvement as well as organizers taking matters into their own hands. Most recently, Capitalist took to Twitlonger to announce that he and Blitz have declined invitations as well.


This issue divided the whole Dota 2 community, as can be seen with the twitter beef between Eri Neeman and ppd.

But Valve has finally officially stepped in, days after they were urged to take a stand and make an arbitrary decision.

Valve has decided to ban Kuku from Chongqing Major, in addition to docking 20% of TNC’s current DPC points. In their official blog post, they said:

Source: http://blog.dota2.com/2018/12/tnc-and-the-chongqing-major/
We’ve been following the recent situation regarding TNC and the Chongqing Major and how it has unfolded.

They clarified that contrary to TNC's statement, Kuku is not banned by the Chinese government. In addition, they believe that there was no real threat to Kuku's safety.

Our view on the situation is that responsibility resides with teams to handle these types of issues professionally. When they fail to do so, we will step in.

They then went on to say that TNC's management failed to handle the situation professionally, leading to the issue turning into a bigger mess than what it originally was.

"TNC is not the victim in this case."

TNC just recently further explained that they have contacted Valve for a more peaceful solution and that Valve assured them that no penalty will be issued to Kuku should he fail to attend the ChongQing Major, which Valve also specifies in their own statement.


Players and teams will make mistakes in the future, and they should accept responsibility for them. We want there to be opportunities to learn from their errors, but taking responsibility doesn’t mean making mistakes don’t come with a cost. Covering up the situation is not an acceptable approach to the problem, and demonstrates poor decision making from TNC that requires accountability. In addition to being required to replace Kuku, we will also be docking 20% of TNC’s current DPC points. The player restriction does not affect future tournaments.

Judging by Valve’s statement, it seems that TNC’s revelation of the conversation and deflection to the community has triggered their ire. How the community responds, remains to be seen.


MN | Rudraaksh

MN | Rudraaksh

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