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Valve disqualifies CCnC's team, test123 (ex-paiN X)

The team was disqualified after ppd raised an objection on them being given a place in South American qualifiers

After one of the teams, Playmakers was disqualified from the South American qualifiers, now another team has been disqualified. This time it is CCnC's team, test123, or as it was earlier called, ex-paiN X.

The move comes after ppd raised an objection. He made a post on Twitlonger, saying:

I asked Valve last year if we (OpTic) could play SA TI qualifiers from Brazil last year and was told no. I asked again this year if NiP could train in EU and travel to Brazil (we have facilities there for our R6 squad) and play the DPC qualifiers. To this I was told "if you feel like you're cheating the system, you probably are, and that is unacceptable."
This is exactly what is happening with CCNC's team and to some extent Pain Gaming. These teams are spending 1-2 weeks in Brazil for the major qualifier and then are returning back to their homes.

All of the members of CCnC's new team belong to United States of America, except for Lelis, who belongs to Brazil. Valve responded by making a blog post, in which they announced that they would be disqualifying the team, and the spot would instead be given to Thunder Predator, who were the runners-up.

They said:

The reasons for guaranteed spots for each region is because we want to help nurture competitive growth in different regions, as well as have regional representation for fans around the world. We think it’s important for fans to be able to see their regions grow, and their teams compete in global events. A team temporarily traveling to and from a region just to compete in the qualifiers clearly does not provide any meaningful benefit to the region, and harms growth overall. When you are an actual team that lives in a region, you end up practicing with other teams, nurturing the region and growing local fans there. We explained this to Pain X three months ago, and as such, after investigating, we are removing them from the South American qualifiers.

Thunder Predator aren't free of controversy either. This year, the team was disqualified from the TI8 regional qualifiers after one of their members, Atuun was found using macros on his mouse in a match.


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