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Vici Gaming penalizes Rotk for inappropriate remarks at PSG.LGD after lost bet

Vici Gaming coach Bai “rOtK” Fan is in hot water once again after he accidentally left his stream session live last December 10.

The veteran Chinese star finished his regular DouyuTV stream but forgot to turn off his camera and microphone. He then went on to talk to someone about how much money he has lost after betting on PSG.LGD at their MegaFon Winter Clash lower bracket finals match against Natus Vincere. The former player turned coach was also heard swearing and throwing insults against the LGD team for having cost him his money after Navi’s upset win.

The conversation can be read below, translated by VPEsports.

00:01 – 00:02 Rotk: I’m heading to the dining room to eat
00:07 – 00:08 Rotk: LGD are just a bunch of bastards
00:10 – 00:12 Rotk: They f***ed me over pretty hard
00:13 Rotk: Son of a b*tch
00:14 – 00:17 Rotk: I won like ¥50,000
00:19 – 00:20 Rotk: And then I lost all of them thanks to LGD
00:22 – 00:25 XXX: That’s a lot! How much did you bet?
00:27 – 00:28 Rotk: ¥ 20-30 thousand each game
00:30 XXX: How many games have you bet on?
00:31 Rotk: A few
00:34 XXX: Damn
00:35 Rotk: LGD are bastards
00:36 -00:37 Rotk: How did they lose to Na’Vi?
00:41- 00:43 XXX: I think LGD lost due to bad drafts, what the f*ck were they playing

rOtk was quick to issue a clarification regarding the issue.

In a Weibo post, the coach apologized for his behavior on the stream, but also clarified some matters and explains that he only helped a friend from betting.

“Regarding my stream on December 10. The whole thing started with one of my closest friends asking me for (betting) suggestions. I felt LGD are in a good shape, but then he kept asking if this suggestion is legit. So I told him “trust me, if you lose I will bear half of your losses.” But personally I’ve never bet, I earn enough to make a living and I don’t need to do things like this to ruin my reputation.
I’ve known these LGD players for a long time. When we meet in person we call each other ”bastards” or ”dogs”. It’s actually a norm in the scene. I may curse a lot but I have no intention to insult them, I think players of LGD can testify.
I’m pretty outspoken and my words could be misleading to those who don’t know me well. My words did cause some negative reactions, so here I’d like to apologize to all Dota 2 fans.”

Vici Gaming responds

Vici Gaming also acted upon the coach’s behavior by fining him ¥100,000 Chinese Yuan or nearly $14,500 US Dollars. The organization also said in a statement that he is now indefinitely banned from streaming. However, they also stressed that “No abnormal activities were found in his bank account” and they even posted screenshots of rOtk's bank transactions to add to their claim.

📋 NOTICE: VG Dota2 Coach rOtk Fined! It has come to our attention that during a stream on December 10th, rOtk has made...

Geplaatst door ViCi Gaming op Maandag 10 december 2018

Did he violate any rules?

The community immediately reacted to the new rOtk issue, with some of them believing that betting should never be done by any professionals in the scene. But as per Valve, there are no specific set of rules yet for Dota 2 professional organizations that may tackle such matter.

Although in CS:GO, Valve made it clear that players, coaches and managers “should under no circumstances gamble on CS:GO matches, associate with high volume CS:GO gamblers, or deliver information to others that might influence their CS:GO bets.”

Valve has not released a statement yet regarding the matter, but Vici Gaming is already doing its part by conducting investigations and even said they “will follow up if we stumble on something new.”

Just barely a week ago, rOtk was involved in another controversy after one of his 2016 Weibo posts surfaced with him referring to Filipinos as "monkeys". He was also quick to issue a statement.

ROTK ban waiting room from DotA2
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