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[Video] Mogul News exclusive interview with TNC Predator

From WESG to their favorite Dota 2 items, see what controversial Dota 2 team TNC Predator has to say about the game!

The Mogul News team had the chance to interview TNC Predator at the ESGS 2018. You know what they say, "Dota 2 is hard but interview is harder". Luckily, Captain Ninjaboogie saves the day! Watch the video to hear his advice for aspiring Filipino Dota 2 players.


MN | Larcey

MN | Larcey

Larcey stumbled upon esports writing 3 years ago and found her niche! She’s balancing an esports career and family life, and owes her multi-tasking ability to MMORPGs.

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