What’s next for Faze Clan and karrigan?

Three LAN titles and a CS:GO Major finals appearance is a decent looking finish for a team. But for Faze Clan, it still wasn’t enough which led them to bench Finn “karrigan” Andersen just months after stripping him off the in game leader duties.

Karrigan has been part of the mixed European group since October 2016.

He was one of Faze’s key players that led the team towards an overall successful 2017 that saw them bag four LAN titles and a great haul of grand final appearances.

They managed to continue their success throughout 2018 but the past months had rather been shaky for the squad.

Right after failing to defend their title at ESL One New York 2018 where they last place, karrigan was relieved from IGL duties and was placed as a support player. The news broke out bad as well with teammate Nikola "NiKo" Kovač revealing in an HLTV interview that there were necessary changes for the team after falling back into bad habits which led to a gloomy atmosphere.

“Once we started losing it was just flashbacks from the Major. People got in a bad mood instantly.”

Changes after the post New York drama seemed to work out as they followed up with a championship at EPICENTER 2018. However, it would eventually become the group’s last trophy lift for 2018.

The magic of karrigan

Interestingly, karrigan’s tenure at Faze is also one unique case for a complete mix of international CS:GO players who found continuing success. They are one of a few teams that managed to stay on the top of the global rankings despite running a full lineup of international players.

As soon as he assumed leadership for Faze Clan in 2016, his impact was already felt. He immediately delivered with a 3rd - 4th place finish at ELEAGUE Season 2 – their best finish in a LAN for that year. And what’s more, he pulled through despite coming to play in just three days.

karrigan overall has seven trophies with Faze Clan which is a decent resume for any top tier player. He is expected to seek opportunities in other organizations and regardless of their faltering season with the lone EPICENTER win, his services might come handy for teams who are in search for an IGL.


MN | Neil Martinez

MN | Neil Martinez

A former editor and writer for a university publication, Neil has incorporated esports to what he does best. He is Mogul’s CS go-to guy and TNC Pro Team’s graphic artist and social media man.

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