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Only These Three Teams Go Undefeated on the Fourth Day of Worlds Group Stage 2018

It's raining 3-0s.

We're already halfway through the League of Legends Worlds Group Stage 2018, and yet the battle is just starting for some teams.

Three simultaneous victories for these three teams

The first half of Worlds 2018 proved to be a great day for Royal Never Give Up, KT Rolster, and Invictus Gaming. These three esports teams from Group B, C, and D respectively went undefeated on the Worlds Group Stage.

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IG vs 100

Invictus Gaming went against American team 100 Thieves. The latter started with a bang as they got two kills on the top lane. However, their advance was immediately cut short as IG aced 100 Thieves during the 16-minute mark of the match.


KT Score scored an early first blood for the team, as his Xin Zhao made an early gank to the bot lane. This became a small step towards a total win against Edward Gaming, resulting in an undefeated KT Rolster and a first lose for EDG (2-1).


The highlight of this Day 3 Worlds 2018 Group Stage match was RNG LetMe's Urgot 1v2 mechanics. Here's a short clip:

Royal Never Give Up takes this game, becoming the lead among the teams in Group B.

The Worlds 2018 Group Standings

Aside from our undefeated teams, we also have other groups who are in the 2-1 standing. These are:
-Flash Wolves
-G2 Esports
-Edward Gaming

There are seven teams with a 1-2 standing, namely:
-Afreeca Freecs
-Phong Vu Buffalo
-Team Liquid
-Team Vitality
-100 Thieves

Down at the bottom of the group stage are teams Mad Team and G-Rex with no wins so far.

Worlds Group Stage 2018 ends on October 17, 2018. The League of Legends World Championship 2018 starts October 20, 2018.

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