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Ignite and Rise, Because Legends are Warriors that Never Die: Evolution of Worlds Music Videos

Because it's only fitting for the biggest esports tournament to have its very own theme song.

Here is a brief summary of the Worlds music videos we had so far.

2014: Warriors

Remember when League of Legends first released this creative collaboration with League of Legends? Everyone got chills while watching the music video and hearing the lyrics of Warriors for the first time. 2014 was indeed a great time to get immersed in the League of Legends esports scene.

With jam-packed visuals and powerful vocals from American pop band Imagine Dragons, Season 4 League of Legends World Championship has never gotten so exciting.

2016: Ignite

Next up on the list is an upbeat performance from musical producer and EDM artist Zedd featuring the voice of Tim James. Some of the iconic teams in Worlds were featured in the music video, namely Taipei Assassins, Team SoloMid, and SK Telecom 1.

The animation even highlighted a few seconds of Faker eating a piece of broccoli. Is this the vegetable that would bring us continuous victories?

Ignite is more than just a summoner spell --  the music and the video ignites the gaming passion of every summoner out there.

2017: Legends Never Die

This hologram Elder Dragon might just be the most epic part of the Opening Ceremony during Worlds 2017.

We were serenaded by up-and-coming artist Against the Current, featuring Chrissy Constanza's sweet but firm voice. The three-minute clip shows the struggles of champions Ashe, Lee Sin, and Garen, as they reach for greatness prior to joining the League of Legends.

"The pursuit of mastery is an endless journey, but those who persevere etch their names in history."

Indeed, legends never die.

2018: Rise

Let us fast forward the time to now, when the Worlds 2018 is currently happening. Rise is performed by three musical artists The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive. Here we see past Worlds players who have made their own respective marks in the League of Legends history: Ambition, Faker, Uzi, and Perkz. Basically this creative collaboration is telling us that only those who strive to RISE on top will be the only ones remembered. Why, listening to this song a few times makes us want to give our best in a couple of ranked matches!

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