The Lowdown on League of Legends Worlds Play-In Stage 2018

A week has passed since the competition started.

The fight for this year’s title has just started, and we’re already advancing to the Worlds 2018 Group Stage.

The Play-In Stage 2018

The League of Legends World Championship this year has officially kicked off on the 1st day of October.

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The Play-In is the initial stage of the Worlds format. It is where the top seeds of participating countries compete to qualify for the Group Stage, which is the second stage in the format. Only four from the starting twelve teams will advance to the Group Stage.

This year, the Play-In stage occurred at the New LCK Esports Stadium in Korea called LoL Park.

“This amazing stadium is the brand new home of the most illustrious league in LoL history. The place where future LCK champions will be born…”

-Yong Jun Jeon, Shoutcaster

Everyone’s World Championship journey starts here…

The Play-In Stage 2018 lasted for a week, wherein the official tournaments started October 1 until October 7, 2018. In Seoul, South Korea.

Play-In Stage Day 1

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For the first match, it was a fight against American team Cloud9 and Brazillian team KaBuM! e-Sports. Sneaky got in first blood using Kai’Sa against KBM Riyev.
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The early victory continued until the end, as Cloud9 took over KaBuM! e-Sports.

Play-In Stage Day 2

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G2’s Jankos once again proves his title as ‘First Blood King’ as G2’s bot lane team aggressively does a tower dive to kill SuperMassive’s Tahm Kench played by SUP SnowFlower.

Play-In Stage Day 3

The highlight of the third day? DFM Steal steals the Baron Nashor from KaBuM! e-Sports. Despite the pilfering, KBM still managed to win against DFM in this match, however, it wasn’t enough to keep our Brazilian friends in the running for the World Championship title.

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#### Play-In Stage Day 4

InFinity Esports owned the second match of the day, as INF Renyu’s Xayah took an “Ace!,” taking down Edward Gaming.

Infinity Esports you guys should be so proud; holy **** what a comeback! The second time now I’ve seen a massive teamfight at mid from a Rakan ult be the Achilles Heel for EDG at Worlds! Damn I love #Worlds2018!”

-Clayton Raines, Shoutcaster

Later on that day, we also witnessed a Pentakill by Renyu, this time using Kai’Sa. This bot-laner is on fire!

Day 4 ended with the Play-In Stage 2018 ‘s eight remaining teams: (Group A) Edward Gaming, InFinity Esports; (Group B) G2 Esports, SuperMassive; (Group C) Cloud9, Detonation FocusMe; and (Group D) G-Rex, Gambit Esports.

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#### Play-In Knockout Stage Day 1

The Play-In Knockout stage commences once the top two remaining teams from each group remains. The first and second seeds are randomly paired to compete in a best of five game. Only four will advance to the group stage in Busan, South Korea.

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The first match was intense, as Gambit Esports catch up against Cloud9. Gambit managed to make the fight to a tie, 2-2 for both teams. At the end of the day, C9 Zeyzal saves the day as Alistar during a Baron fight, 24 minutes in the game.

Unfortunately for Japanese team DetonatioN Gaming, their rise to the Group Stage 2018 was taken away by Edward Gaming for a clean sweep of 3-0.

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#### Play-In Knockout Stage Day 2

It’s finally a win for G2 Esports as they defeat InFinity Esports in their opening match for the Play-In Stage 2018. The match started with a win for INF, however G2 took advantage of the misplays, leading the Knockout Stage to 3-1.


— Wadid (@G2Wadid) October 7, 2018

The final team to qualify for the Group Stage was G-Rex, where they close out the series against SuperMassive Gaming in a score of 3-1. GRX’s PK amazed us with his Ornn ult, gaining First Blood for G-Rex.

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