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For the first time at Worlds, Western teams outperform Korean groups

This was a shocker for everyone who's been intently watching and following Worlds 2018.

South Korea has no team left to represent itself in the semifinals.

The fall of East and the RISE of the West?

Photo taken from lolesports Twitter account (@lolesports)

How ironic is it that the League of Legends 2018 World Championships is being held at Busan and Seoul in South Korea – and now there are no Koreans running in the competition!

Since the beginning of the group stage, we've all witnessed the journey of Korean teams Gen.G, KT Rolster, and Afreeca Freecs.

Everyone was surprised when the reigning champions Gen.G (rebranded from KSV esports) got defeated by French team Team Vitality on the fifth day of the Group Stage.

Photo from Gen.G's Twitter account (@GenGLoL)

On the other hand, KT Rolster fought well to defend their first seed place in Group C of the Quarterfinals. KT defeated Team Liquid and MAD Team in order to advance to the Quarterfinals together with Edward Gaming from the same group.

Photo taken from lolesports Twitter account (@lolesports)

Despite the cheers and support from everyone online and on the Seoul stage, crowd favorites KT was not saved from being eliminated by Invictus Gaming. However, that doesn't mean they did not put up a great fight against the Chinese summoners.

Later that day, the Best Team in LoL China Royal Never Give up (RNG) suffered the same fate.

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Quarterfinals continued with Afreeca Freecs as the last remaining team representative for Korea. However, they were swept clean by NA's last hope Cloud9, 0-3 for the final score.

The dream match everyone's been waiting for

The remaining four teams Cloud9, FNATIC, G2 Esports and Invictus Gaming will be facing off each other at the semifinals in a best of five game on the 27th and the 28th. Whoever wins the semis will advance to the finals, where the League of Legends 2018 World Champion will be determined.

Right now, there is only one person in the worlds with a flawless Pick'Em for Worlds 2018. Will this Summoner's prediction be correct until the end?

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