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LOOK: Zedd's House Has An Amazing LEGO Overwatch Art Installation

A mini Hanamura in the comfort of our own home?

We want one too!

Here's a sneak peak at the latest (and coolest) part of Zedd's house.

On the 6th of January, DJ and producer Zedd posted a video on his Twitter account.

The video focuses on the newest art installation Zedd has specially built for his mansion in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles. This is not just a normal art installation, as it features something we all loved playing with during our childhood – LEGO pieces!

Screenshot taken from Zedd's video posted on his Twitter account (@Zedd)

Zedd expresses his love for the masterpiece, as he tweets and mentions Dante Dentoni, the artist who made the art installation possible.

In the now-viral video, Dentoni worked on one of the walls of Zedd's house and turned it into an interesting and interactive piece.

Screenshot taken from Zedd's video posted on his Twitter account (@Zedd)

While the piece may look like a LEGO marvel from afar, it actually has some hidden rooms available for anyone who can immediately spot the openings.

The rooms for this art installation includes a replica of OMNIA, a nightclub that can be found in Las Vegas. On the upper part of the piece is a small diorama of alien abduction. A little paradise room is also featured, where you can change the colors of the LEGO pieces inside using a light switch.

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The best part? Zedd has a mini version of Hanamura's second point as one of the hidden rooms! Could this be the DJ's favorite location?

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Lastly, the talented artist showed a mini version of his own house at the bottom of the art installation.

Check out Zedd's original tweet here to see what the fuzz is all about.

Would you have something installed in to your house as well? Tell us, we'd like to know!


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